Community Schemes ownership is by far the preferred form of home ownership in South Africa. To nurture the growth in the industry and meet the challenges of an ever-changing environment in which Managing Agents operate, it has become necessary to adequately train professionals to effectively manage the affairs of communal housing schemes in addition, it is imperative that trustees and committees are better skilled and informed about their management and fiduciary responsibilities, relevant scheme development, and the advantages of employing a professional property manager.

To foster the common interests of Managing Agents in South Africa, a group of like-minded professionals established the National Association of Managing Agents (NAMA) in July 2001 with the approval of the Estate Agency Affairs Board (EAAB), the regulatory body for the South African property industry. The founding of NAMA was also encouraged by the need to regulate the profession and to promote the rights of Managing Agents and the public, as far as it affects the work and the governance of the profession.

Before NAMA, Managing Agents had no common voice, nor could they make representations to the authorities on any aspect, or claim legitimacy, concerning their industry.

To fulfil NAMA’s objectives and to promote the benefits of membership, the founding members took a decision in March 2004 to restructure the Association and to register NAMA as a Section 21 Company (now NPC). In consultation with Managing Agents countrywide and with legal authorities on Community Schemes, the Association completed a National Constitution, Code of Conduct, Code of Ethics, Articles of Association and Memorandum of Incorporation, which today govern the operations of the Association.

NAMA is presently headquartered in Pretoria and is supported by Regional offices from which Executive Regional Committees operate to achieve the goals and aims of the Association. The Directors who serve on the National Board of NAMA are elected from their respective Regional membership base and volunteer their services and expertise to the Association, without compensation.

Part of NAMA’s focus is the development and presentation of a core professional training programme for Managing Agents and candidate Managing Agents, as well as producing education material, and opportunities for members, associate members and trustees.

Training events and seminars are being held nationally to ensure that training remains ongoing and relevant. The goal is to position NAMA as a recognized authority in the Industry.

Another important component of NAMA’s service to Community Schemes owners and occupiers is to generate consumer confidence and recognition of the Association’s objectives and ideals, leading to credibility for the profession in the public domain. NAMA is well positioned to assisting Community Schemes in appointing a professional managing agent, by directing governing body members to professional and accredited Managing Agents in their region.

Affiliate Members are provided with an opportunity to engage with the Community Schemes Executives directly to market their services and products.