Complaints Procedure Terms and Conditions

NAMA is and remains a voluntary organisation and hold no regulatory power. Although NAMA makes every effort to ensure that members comply with the Code of Conduct and all Regulatory and professional requirements, the Association cannot accept any responsibility where its members, notwithstanding the aforesaid, conduct their business and their responsibilities outside the scope of what is promoted and voluntary agreed upon by its members.

Our Codes and documentation merely act as a guideline and any member or person who do not wish to engage into correct business practices will act on their own accord.

NAMA cannot terminate membership or act against members outside the scope of its disciplinary processes.

NAMA do not investigate matters relating to:

    • Where the matters are of a contractual or management nature
    • Personal disputes amongst members of the Scheme
    • Where legal action has already begun or where the matter has already been referred to the Community Schemes Ombud Service
    • Disputes regarding personal levy accounts or levy collection
    • All complaints must be endorsed by at least one trustee currently holding office to ensure that all available resources have been utilised before a complaint is recorded.

Only where a member has been found guilty of an offence by a Court of Law, by Adjudication Order of the CSOS or by full investigation of the Ethical Committee membership of a member may be terminated after such termination is referred to the Ethical Committee and ratified by a majority decision of all the Full Members at an Annual General Meeting of the Members.

Lodging a complaint:

  1. All complaints against NAMA Members must be submitted online.
  2. All complaints must be endorsed by the Trustees / Directors and the complainant must provide written documentation that the Trustees / Directors have acknowledged receipt of the complaint and confirm that all internal remedies have been exhausted to resolve the issue.
  3. The complaint will always be submitted to the member against whom the complaint is received.
  4. NAMA only acts as a portal for promoting commination between the parties concerned to find an amicable solution to the complaint received.
  5. NAMA do not undertake to present any outcome on complaints received nor do we commit to provide feedback or agree to provide feedback.
  6. NAMA Members will have the opportunity to respond to complaints received but is not required to do so.
  7. If a response is received NAMA may provide feedback under the standard disclaimer to the complainant.
  8. The complaint may be presented to the disciplinary committee if the complainant wishes to escalate the matter. A referred complaint will incur a non-refundable deposit at an amount determined by the Committee.
  9. If the Ethical Committee must refer the matter for advice or legal intervention the complainant will be liable for all costs.
  10. The complainant may also refer the matter to the Community Schemes Ombud Service []



All information and advice provided by NAMA or any representative of NAMA is provided as general information or advice and should only be used as such. The use of such information or advice is at the users’ own risk and should not be considered as a formal opinion or be considered as legal advice or legal opinion of any kind. NAMA will not be held liable for any damages, losses or causes of actions of any nature whatsoever arising from the information or advice given.