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A few weeks back things finally started to introduce with my crush. His birthday came along and I wanted to truly program him we appreciated him, so I purchased him a Fossil view, present notes to the best online dating sites for geeks, nerdsir favorite shops and snacks that spelled completely his name. He was really pleased so we carried on texting. We casually mentioned, “You know I do not try this just for anyone…so I hope chances are you realize that i like you because i can not get any more obvious than this.”

He did not reply. Therefore I waited a couple of days and text him, “Hey! Sorry easily frightened you the other time. I’m able to be some daunting and ahead. Haha!” And he’s however disregarding me. I thought guys did not like girls exactly who played video games, so I was drive and merely went for this!

Exactly what do I do today?

-Tanya (Tennessee)

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s Answer:


I’m sure your own discomfort and misunderstandings. Whenever I was in highschool, I bribed a girlfriend whose dad which worked at a radio place to score myself coveted seats to Bruce Springsteen. I becamen’t even a Springsteen follower, but the man I had a crush on had been.

Well, we went along to the concert, the one I paid dearly for, and essentially, I never heard from my crush once again. I was mortified!

This is just what I discovered: men dislike women who play video games but, i’m very sorry to tell you, nobody wants something that seems to be really easy. Your purposes happened to be pure, truthful and sweet. But in revealing your own cards so early in the relationship video game, you provided the impression you are too readily available.

Nobody of either gender really wants to consume McDonald’s fast-food (no matter if referring with a lovely mug together with your title onto it) if they work somewhat harder and possess a slow-cooked steak meal.

I wish i possibly could show that is fixable, but it’s probably one of those unpleasant instructions we all have to learn.

Please understand this: the kindness and generosity shows you might be an excellent sweetheart – to someone – nowadays you’ll know to wait until he’s chasing tough.

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