19-20 September 2019
Boardwalk Hotel, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape

Day 1 of the Conference | 19 September 2019

Presenter: Ané de Klerk, Paddocks
Topic: Home Owners Associations (HOA’s)View the video

Presenter: Craig Jessop, BBV Attorneys
Scheme Employees
View the video

Presenter: David Baldie, BBV Attorneys
Running a business vs working from home – municipal vs scheme requirements & case laws
View the video

Presenter: Frederik Nel, Curasure
10-Year Maintenance PlanView the video

Presenter: Guy Pansegrouw, Sigma Africa
10-Year Maintenance Plans – cash flow and cash aggregation
View the video

Presenter: Adv Barbara Shingler
Practical Scheme Management
View the video

Presenter: Johan Meiring, Johan Meiring and Associates
Surveys and Topical Diagrams
View the video

Presenter: Hennie van Eck, Joubert Galpin & Searle Attorneys
Topic: Insurance Compliance
View the video

Presenter: Dr Léandi Steenkamp, Head of Department: Accounting and Auditing at Central University of Technology, Free State
Topic: Audit Compliance
View the video

Vita Wilkens, University of PretoriaView the video

Presenter: Fausto Di Palma, Sectional Title Solutions
Sectional title Scheme ResolutionsView the video

Day 2 of the Conference | 20 September 2019

Main Sponsors Videos
King Price Insurance

Marno BoshoffView the video


Jonathan Ridley
View the video

Sectional Title Solutions

Bradley MasonView the video

Vox Telecom

Jacques du ToitView the video

Presenter: Marina Constas, BBM Law Inc.
Topic: CSOS Act and Regulations
View the video

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