Introducing this exclusive Webinar by Renata Raath from Enbaya PrePaid Meters

Managing Utility Tariffs

More about the Presenter
Renata Raath is responsible for the training and development of customers and staff at Enbaya Prepaid Meters to grow their knowledge, skills and abilities in utility management and the property industry as a whole. Renata, a Unisa graduate, has worked in the educational space for over 18 years, acquiring competencies and experience in facilitation, instructional design and assessment development for effective knowledge transfer. Renata has assisted in the past at Enbaya many customers look into and resolve under collections that are a direct result of tariffs and tariff management issues. With this experience, Renata developed a webinar that addresses the issues a managing agent should be evaluating when dealing with tariffs to ensure accurate utility collections.

What will you learn from this webinar

  1. Importance of managing tariffs
  2. Different types of tariff structures
  3. Different types of tariff structures
  4. Different types of tariff charges
  5. The how and when of increases
  6. Aligning your sub-meter tariffs to your municipal account


Length of this webinar

21 minutes

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September 16, 2020
14:00 (Johannesburg time)

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