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The Role, Right and Responsibility of the Developer in a Body Corporate

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At TVDM Consultants, we believe in forming long-lasting relationships, built on trust, with our clients, ranging from legal practitioners, managing agencies, developers, scheme executives and owners in community schemes. We pride ourselves on treating each matter in a powerful yet sophisticated manner, equipping our clients with the knowledge and confidence to navigate community scheme living. Our services include face to face and telephonic consultations, as well as online engagements via Zoom, Skype or Google Meet. Our team is available to provide consult summaries, written legal opinions and legal letters. We offer the service of chairing or attending Trustee Meetings, Annual General Meetings and Special General Meetings, with no additional fees for after hours meetings. Struggling to fill a vacancy on your committee, we can be appointed as a professional trustee. Let us assist your community scheme by consolidating or reviewing and amending your governance documentation, such as Rules, Constitutions and Memorandums of Incorporation. We offer a competitive rate for our 5 and 10-hour Retainers suitable for extended matters such as Dispute Resolution proceedings at the Community Schemes Ombud Service. If you are a managing agent, we offer In-house Support packages for your team’s use when a quick answer or advice is needed.

What will you learn from this webinar:

  1. Developer in a Body Corporate
    1. Membership of developer
      1. Who is a developer
      2. Rules
      3. Conduct rules
      4. Developer rules
    2. Rights of developer
      1. Representation
        1. Trustee
        2. Meetings
        3. Quorum
      2. Extension of scheme
  2. Responsibilities of developer
    1. Pre-establishment of Body Corporate
    2. Post-establishment of Body Corporate

Duration of this webinar:

31 minutes

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October 29, 2020
14:00 (Johannesburg time)

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